What We Are About

Utopian Press was born rather suddenly in a conversation with Roxie Munro on Facebook. During a discussion about heavy flooding and other weather disasters, it seemed that life had become a real-life dystopian novel. We’d rather live in Utopia, wouldn’t you? Suddenly, our whole writing and publishing focus took a dramatic shift.


3 responses to “What We Are About

  1. I completely agree, and look forward to your future.

  2. Nice page, and I’m glad to be among your first followers. And thanks so much for following me.

  3. Having met you via facebook as well, I’m curious to see how this new publishing house will grow and prosper πŸ™‚ Having made my own publishing imprint for Literary Lunes, I am more than willing to help you guys in anyway that I can πŸ™‚